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EVAK Project

Features: UI / UX Design / Web Development / Admin Panel

Ukraine, Moldova & Uni

As war erupted in Ukraine, a surge of refugees fled to Moldova. On the ground overwhelmed but determined NGOs and non-profits urgently sought a centralized secure method to coordinate their efforts while helping the people effectively. We were contacted by an organization charged with helping citizens safely find refuge away from the war. 

Our system helps families make the transition when seeking asylum in Moldova. Families are able to plan their entire move from transportation, lodging, food and economic assistance. 

The Challenge

Developing a robust platform in a war-torn scenario poses unique challenges. 

When communication and logistics are often disrupted, the urgency of the situation needed a rapid yet reliable web development process to meet the critical demands of scorched earth.

The Solution

Our agency acted fast, the result was a specialized platform tailored to address the specific challenges we were tasked with. Here’s what sets the platform apart:

Efficient Centralized Platform

  • A key tool for a smooth and coordinated effort across multiple organizations.

Advanced Security Features

  • To safeguard sensitive information and users in a challenged environment. 

Real-Time Updates on Volunteers

  • Providing immediate and accurate information about volunteer activities and locations.


Private Platform:

  • Hidden from Search Engines and Directories, access to the platform is by invitation only.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

  • As an extra layer of security, 2FA was implemented preventing malicious login attempts.

Backup Servers:

  • Backup servers ensure the platform continuity in case of disaster or infrastructure loss.

Activity Monitoring and Logging:

  • All user activity is logged for audits to enhance security.

Border Crossing List

Crossing Points and Routes:

  • Displays safe border crossing locations and transit routes updated with real-time data.

Transportation Details:

  • Information insights for drivers, vehicles and transit routes helping ensure safe passage. 


User Friendly Interface:

  • Focused on ease of use, ensuring navigation is intuitive, even in high pressure situations.

Minimalist Aesthetics:

  • A streamlined and minimalistic design makes it easy for all ages.

Efficient Search and Filters:

  • Search functions and filters on every page, making information easy and quickly accessible.  

Volunteer Directory

Individual Profiles and Roles:

  • Profiles span various volunteer roles, including key contacts and regional coordinators.

Status and Location Training:

  • Real-time tracking provides current volunteer locations and statuses.

Due to the ongoing war, we are unable to list all the features of the platform.

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